Reliability & Durability


Rhino offers a range of work gloves for light housework and construction work, as well as ice cleats for your security in cold and snowy days. Work gloves are protective accessories used in many fields to protect the hands from the risk of injuries, cuts and scrapes. They can be made of leather, latex, rubber or synthetic materials, and are designed to be tough and durable. Work gloves can be used for light or heavy duty, in dry or wet conditions, and can be fitted with rubber or polymer coatings to improve grip and durability. By using the right work gloves for every situation, you can protect your hands from damage and ensure that you can work safely.

The orange latex gloves are among the models offered by Rhino. These gloves provide excellent protection for the hands. They are non-slip and offer a very good grip. High-visibility color contrast provides extra safety in low-light areas and makes them easy to find in the toolbox or on the jobsite.

Rhino also offers two models in cowhide: a lined model for work in cold weather and an unlined model. Either way, cowhide offers excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Common applications include light welding, construction, agriculture, machinery, rigging, utility work and many other work applications.

Rhino also offers cotton work gloves, a popular model for light duties. Designed to protect your hands and keep them clean, they are made of a blend of polyester and cotton for added comfort. Cotton fibers provide all-natural breathability that helps prevent your hands from overheating during demanding shifts and outdoor work in the sun. These gloves have snug-fitting knit cuffs that keep dirt and debris out.

Rhino snow & ice cleats

For more safety in icy and snowy work conditions, Rhino has developed a pair of cleats made from durable tungsten carbide to resist wear and tear. This cleat features industrial grade rubber and is designed to fit a variety of industrial footwear. The strap is adjustable to keep the ice cleat securely in place. A reflective band has also been added to the strap to increase the level of visibility and safety after dark.